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TurboGrafx Comes to PSN

Continuing the trend of obscure gaming consoles being resurrected on PSN, Hudson has released a list of TurboGrafx-16 that will come to PSN sometime this month. Like last month's Neo Geo releases, the TG16 titles being released can loosely be considered classics, and there will be a whole swarm of them coming around the same time. Although no specific prices or release dates have been announced, it would be reasonable to assume that they will hover around eight to ten dollars, like the Neo Geo games, and there are only three more Tuesday PSN updates left in the month, so we should be seeing these titles soon. The full list of re-releases is as follows:

  • Alien Crush 
  • Bomberman '94 
  • Bonk's Adventure 
  • Dungeon Explorer 
  • Neutopia 
  • New Adventure Island 
  • Soldier Blade 
  • Super Star Soldier 
  • Victory Run 
  • World Sports Competition


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