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Turf writers want Matthew Vaughn

Having directed Layer Cake, Stardust and Kick-Ass there is no wonder why Matthew Vaughn is considered one of the hottest talents around. He is now wanted by Jonathan Ross to direct an adaptation of his comic-book miniseries Turf.

Jonathan Ross is best known as a television and radio presenter in the UK, having presented many of the BBC’s flagship shows, like the popular Friday night talk show, the Film Programme and hosting the late morning radio slot on Britain’s most popular radio station on Saturday. But he is now famous as the man burning all his bridges with the BBC after the infamous Sachsgate affair.

Yet there is hope on the horizon, and he has turned to one of his major loves, comics. He is a noted comic-book fan, and he now written his first one, Turf, a new six-part series, with already 20,000 copy of the first issue been pre-ordered. With the artist Tommy Lee Edwards Ross has created a series set in Prohibition era New York, with gangsters and vampires, which promises to be a very mature series.

Despite only one issue being published, Ross is already talking about a film adaptation, according to The Guardian, saying his preferred director is Matthew Vaughn. Despite the obvious feature of Vaughn's talent, there is a personal link why Ross wants him: Ross' wife Jane Goldman, was a co-writer of Stardust and Kick-Ass and worked closely with Vaughn.

However, Ross is jumping the gun a bit as there is no film deal yet and only one issue so far. At the least, Ross has plenty of time to work on his project.


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