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TV Characters You Would Want Watching Your Back In a Zombie Wasteland

With the return of The Walking Dead, I can't help but think of which characters from television I would want to be teamed up with when that inevitable zombie apocalypse occurs.  Rick Grimes and his ragtag band may have made it this far, but there is definitely room for improvement within those ranks.  Lets face it, the “Walkers” themselves would make better companions than most of the dregs with which Rick is stuck.  So presented here are TV's last best hope of survival, and the only characters I would trust to keep the undead masses at bay.

Bobby Singer(Supernatural)
Every group of survivors needs an old guy who possess all the wisdom that comes with age – and the crotchety attitude.  You couldn't ask for a more lovable curmudgeon than Sam and Dean's surrogate father figure, but it's not just for his trademark “idjit” that he earned a spot on the team.  In addition to his years spent hunting down all manner of evil, Bobby has also tangled with the actual undead on more than one occasion.  Considering that even while wheelchair-bound he helped stem a zombie uprising in his own backyard, Bobby Singer clearly isn't going to be slowing anyone down; in fact he might be hard to keep up with.  At the very least, the rest of the group could enjoy listening to him succinctly sum up every rotten situation they wind up in with just one word;”Balls.”

Omar Little(The Wire)
Though Omar doesn't have any experience dealing with zombies, he would still make a welcome addition to any group of survivors since he never leaves home without his trusty twelve gauge(the preferred weapon for fending off flesh-eaters).  Besides, “Walkers” have nothing on the mean streets of West Baltimore, and being surrounded by bloodthirsty brutes out to kill him wouldn't be anything new for Omar.  So long as you weren't slinging dope in the zombie-infested aftermath, you wouldn't have anything to fear from the stickup man.  And though his constant whistling might become annoying after awhile, whenever you hear that sound you'll know all is well.  Because it makes no difference whether it's zombies or drug dealers; if they come at the king, they best not miss.  Which in this case would also hopefully extend to anyone within the vicinity of the king.

Zoe Washburne(Firefly)
She may not be carrying a pistol grip pump, but Zoe's sawed-off still packs more than enough punch to secure her a position on the list.  She could also bring Joss Whedon along, just so he could write some snappy dialogue for everyone.  You might think a character from a series set in space would be out of her depth if caught in a plague of the undead, but the horror she faced in Firefly's “Reavers” isn't far off from your typical zombies.  Sure they can pilot spacecraft and will just as soon take your own head off with an ax, but their penchant for salvage violence and cannibalism at least makes them a close relative.  So even if she would have to adjust to only taking head shots, having Zoe to watch your back would provide some peace of mind; some serenity, if you will.

Jon Snow(Game of Thrones)
Snow is about as far out into fantasy as Zoe is in sci-fi, but like her, he's dealt with his own brand of “Walkers.”  White Walkers to be precise, though it is their wickedly reanimated offshoots, wights, that bear the most resemblance to the shambling monsters with which we are all accustomed.  Though it took fire to bring down one of those beasts, Jon's skills with a sword should prove to be more than a match for a herd of zombies.  In fact, with his blade Longclaw at his disposal, he's actually one of the only characters on the list that makes use of a weapon that wouldn't have every able-bodied brain-muncher in earshot coming to investigate.  Of course, when you're rolling as hard as this posse, you can make all the noise you want, especially if you have a giant wolf named Ghost to stand guard at night.

Dwight Schrute(The Office)
The closest Dwight has come to anything undead was a prank involving a coworker and a non-vampire bat, but don't count out this Scranton paper salesman just yet.  If anyone has a plan in place for a zombie-driven apocalypse, it's Dwight Schrute.  Already with an impressive resume of survival skills, Dwight is also the kind of guy who would build a fallout shelter for the express purpose of keeping out the undead.  From spud guns to throwing stars, the beet farmer's immense collection of weaponry would be appreciated as well.  Plus, Dwight isn't totally inexperienced when it comes to dealing with the supernatural, he has taken down a werewolf after all – well it might have just been a dog, depends on who you ask.  Of course, you couldn't put it past Dwight to actually be the source of an outbreak either, what with him and his creepy cousin trying to reanimate that bull.


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