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TV Projects Deals: Spies, Witness Protection (Sort of) and Teenage Games

With this year's fall season now well underway, broadcast networks are turning their attention towards 2012. NBC, Fox and the CW were in the news this week with TV series project acquisitions.

Fox, unlike Hugh Jackman who has apparently turned down an offer to play 007, sees spies as such good commodities that it might be bringing them to our TV sets next year. The network bought a spy drama written by Joe Weisberg (Falling Skies, Damages), himself a former employee of the CIA. The show centers on young assistants of senior officers in the U.S. intelligence community (CIA, DIA, NSA and FBI), and will be, in all likelihood, produced by Imagine TV for Fox. [via: Deadline Hollywood]

NBC bought Vanish, a mystery-drama from Trevor Munson (Moonlight), which centers on "a man with a mysterious past who protects deserving people from danger, and helps them disappear." The peacock network seems to have a fascination for ideas that, from the outset, have significant chances to fail, not because they are necessarily bad, but because they are unusual. [via: Deadline Hollywood]

The CW nabbed Dare, an action-thriller from Easy A writer Bert V. Royal. Dare follows six young adults who find themselves forced to play a dangerous and deadly game of Truth or Dare. Even considering the vague reality TV breeze floating around the idea, we are still very much in CW territory. [via: Deadline Hollywood]


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