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TV Restaurants that Should be Real

As a frequent television viewer, I know the power of suggestion. Whenever my favorite characters are sitting down to enjoy a nice meal with their family or even just a simple plate of fries, my stomach starts to growl and the only thing to appease it is to eat whatever I'm seeing on screen. Some shows feature more appealing foods than others, which is why I’ve put together a list of TV restaurants that should be real.

Bob’s Burgers - Bob’s Burgers Bob's Burgers

Naturally the first one on this list is Bob’s Burgers, a show centered around a restaurant. It might be a cartoon, but that doesn’t make me want a burger any less while I’m watching it. I especially love reading the “Burger of the Day” sign each episode to see what Bob is cooking up. They are always full of puns and almost always sound delicious or at least worth trying. There's even an official cookbook with the show's signature burgers.

Luke’s Diner - Gilmore Girls Image via Netflix

No show makes me want food (or coffee) more than Gilmore Girls. I’m pretty sure half of their scenes involve some kind of food. Whether it is a plate of Pop-Tarts, pizza, Friday night dinners, or Sookie cooking, there’s always food to ogle over- the best being Luke’s Diner. Not only does it sound like the perfect comfort food, but I’ve always wanted a local diner where I could hang out at any time of day.

Los Pollos Hermanos - Breaking Bad loa

Even though it was a drug front, Los Pollos Hermanos’ chicken looks delicious. Who doesn’t love a bucket of fried chicken every once in awhile? Not to mention it was home to Gus Fring, one of the greatest villains from Breaking Bad. He was creepily calm, which made him all the more terrifying.

JJ's Diner - Parks and Recreation

jjs Leslie Knope would be nothing without JJ’s Diner. It was the place where she had many important conversations and enjoyed a waffle (or ten). JJ’s Diner seems like the perfect place to go after a stressful day or just for a reward for a job well done.

The Double R Diner - Twin Peaks

diner from Twin Peaks I think you might be seeing a theme here, but who doesn’t love a good diner? Whenever Agent Cooper is at the Double R Diner, I am overcome with a need for a damn fine cup of coffee and slice of pie. I also really enjoy the waitress uniforms and the atmosphere in general. It’s the perfect balance of a creepy, but quaint, small town diner.

The Max - Saved by the Bell

the-max-pop-up When I was younger watching Saved by the Bell, I dreamed of being in high school and hanging out at The Max after school. I thought that all teenagers did after school was drink milkshakes, eat fries, and gossip at The Max. What could be better?

The Bait Shop - The O.C.

baitshop_fullThe Bait Shop is another place where teenagers hung out after school and on the weekend. It is perfectly located on the beach, has huge booths to fit you and all your friends, plus where better to get in a fist fight?

Alamo Freeze - Friday Night Lights

alamo The Alamo Freeze provides the perfect place for our favorite football players to unwind. They have ice cream and a great opportunity to rehash the latest on-field (and off) gossip. It is way cooler than going to Dairy Queen or Starbucks after games like I did in high school.

Central Perk - Friends

central_perk It’s not exactly a restaurant, but they serve food so I’m counting it. Central Perk seems like the perfect place to hang out and meet with your friends, plus it is conveniently located in the apartment building that housed four of the six "friends." If I had that, I would never have to leave my apartment complex. Those are my favorite fictional places to get food (and coffee). Which ones did I miss?


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