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Is Twin Peaks Making a Comeback?

Either David Lynch and Mark Frost are trolling the internet hard, or Twin Peaks fans might get a special treat coming soon. Rumors of a Twin Peaks continuation have been alive and buzzing ever since the drama ended its run in 1991. Laura Palmer’s words, “I’ll see you again in 25 years” in the final episode gave many a fan hope for an extended look into the bizarre town of Twin Peaks and its inhabitants. And while Lynch did revisit the story with the motion picture Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, shortly after the series was cancelled, the longing for more material never did die down entirely. The internet has been abuzz recently following the cryptic tweets from both Lynch and Frost referencing their beloved cult-favorite creation, complete with the hashtag #damngoodcoffee.   With the 25 year deadline approaching, could this actually be a hint for a much-awaited and yearned for Twin Peaks return? Will Special Agent Dale Cooper be investigating yet another mysterious crime in the peculiar Washington town? Neither Lynch or Frost have elaborated on their mysterious tweets since their simultaneous release leaving us all in the dark and awaiting any kind of information on the matter. Is this just a cruel promotion ploy, or can we look forward for more Twin Peaks weirdness? Hopefully Frost and Lynch will soon reveal the meaning behind their allusive message.  


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