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Twisted Metal Release Revealed

Playstation’s favourite psycho thrill-ride, Twisted Metal, will be making its debut on the Playstation 3, called... well... Twisted Metal.  Last night, lead co-developer, David Jaffe, announced via a video on the Playstation Blog that it will hit the shelves later this year on October 4th, exclusively to the Playstation 3.

Keeping the fans of the car-based shooter happy is the return of some familiar characters and vehicles, mixed up with a whole bunch of new ones to keep the creative destruction fresh. One of the new details revealed that Twisted Metal is being taken to new heights, literally. A new vehicle, called “The Talon”, is a helicopter armed with miniguns and teeth. Sounds like a very welcoming addition to an already explosive franchise that could perhaps deliver new levels of strategy.

Despite being one of Playstation's oldest franchises, it has been notably absent in recent years, with the last game in the series Twisted Metal Head-On, released in 2008 for the Playstation 2, and even that was only a port of the 2005 title of the same name, released for the Playstation Portable.

At the moment, details behind the storyline of Twisted Metal consist only of Calypso, the evil mastermind and ringleader of the vehicle combat tournament, who has returned to host another contest of jaw-dropping skill and heart-pounding destruction in a showcase of new twisted levels.  

Jaffe also added though that until the October release; development studio Eat Sleep Play will keep unveiling a healthy dose of gameplay footage and trailers to keep us revved up for the upcoming title.

 "From now until our launch date – we'll be showing more and more of our hand in hopes that ya'll are going to be just as jazzed and excited for this new Twisted Metal as we are!"

And David Jaffe is very keen to keep this promise for everyone, as seen on his Twitter page, where he tweeted:

“Tons more brand new Twisted Metal Info drops in less than a week! Stay Tuned!”

It is yet unknown whether October 4th is a worldwide release date, or whether European gamers will have to wait. More details will come in due course.

Here is the vlog by David Jaffe, speaking about the upcoming Twisted Metal:


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