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Twisted Metal Will Have Split Screen

If there is one thing that we see less and less of as games progress is the idea of split screen.  With online being such a big hit game developers have been slowing taking out of their games which to me has been a huge disappointment.  Thankfully David Jaffe, the man working on the new Twisted Metal even though he said he wouldn’t but we’ll ignore that fact, has decided to go away from this trend and include split screen in his new game.  Details are scarce at the moment but we do know that it will be available for online and we can only assume offline as well.  It’s good to see these kinds of games have split screen, since nothing beats trash talking you friends on the couch while you pummel their car into a wall and see their defeated face. 

Jaffe also talked about how there may be some DLC but there will be no 3D or Move support which really isn’t disappointing at all.  Though no specific time frame has been given for the release we do know it will be out by 2011 so make sure to get your game faces ready as your friends launch patients out the back of an ambulance with explosives attached to them… nice.


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