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Twisted Pixel Announced New Kinect Focused Game

Twisted Pixel, the developers of games such as The Maw and Splosion Man, have announced their new (and Kinect based) original IP, Gunstringer. If you’re human, you probably adore Twisted Pixel. They’re some of the most lovable yet inventive developers out there. They manage to deliver constant laughs while also keeping us hooked into their extraordinary gameplay.

“Puppets are just something I’ve always loved,” says Michael Wilford, CEO of Twisted Pixel Games and closeted marionette aficionado.  “What makes games great is that they are such a collaborative process.  I have over three hundred puppets in my basement, and Bill Muehl, our Game Director, collects Western landscape photography.  Oh, and of course we have Dan Teasdale, our Design Lead, whose family was brutally murdered by drug lords when he was a child, and who’s been on a mission of vengeance ever since.” 

Nothing much has been said along the lines of gameplay but it seems like you can expect a western-style puppet game. Also, drug lords. I have no doubt that Twisted Pixel’s witty humor will carry over into this Kinect focused game. They’ve managed to make me very excited for an upcoming Kinect game, which is something no other company has managed to accomplish. 


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