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Two giant games are going to be Shown at the Game Developers Conference this month. Both BattleField 4 and The Phantom Pain are officially confrimed to be at the show. BattleField 4 will be recieving an official announcement on the 26th. It is already confirmed that BattleField 4 will be available on next-generation consoles. The below image from IGN.com confirms that BattleField 4 is being unveiled to the press, and the public at the event at the end of the month.

If that is not enoughfor GDC, The Phantom Pain will also be shown. In an interview with GameTrailers.com, the head CEO of Moby Dick Studios, he revealed that there would be an all new trailer would be revealed at GDC and all of our questions will be answered. It is worth noting that the CEO has bandages on his face to hide his identity, fueling the fired that this is a Metal Gear Solid game.

All we can do now is wait for GDC 2013 for more answers. 


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