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Two GTA Games Out Now On PlayStation Network

Grand Theft Auto fans have had a lot to take in recently. Not only did Rockstar just release the cover art for GTA V but they have also made some previous GTA games easier for people to experience. GTA: Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories are coming to the PlayStation Network for the first time this week (now at the US) so players can relive these classic titles. They are each priced at $9.99 / €9.99 / £7.99 depending on your region.

The games were first available on the PSP before later being ported to the Playstation 2. They featured brand new stories set in GTA III’s version of Liberty City and a Vice City before the arrival of Tommy Vercetti. If you did not play them at the time they are definitely worth picking up and offer a huge amount of content for a small price.


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