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Two New PlayStation 3 Models Announced for this Fall

GamesCom 2010 – Today Sony has announced via their GamesCom media briefing that they will be launching a couple of new PlayStation 3 models later this fall. Additionally, these have been confirmed for a North American, as well as a European release, though we have yet to receive a solid release date for either territory.

The first model is your standard PS3 Slim, with a 160GB HDD, retailing for the exact price of the current 120GB model, $299, but with the addition of 40 extra gigabytes. The second newly announced model will up the ante even further with 320GB of space, and will include the PlayStation Move starter kit.

The PlayStation Move starter kit includes one Move controller, a PlayStation Eye, and a copy of Sports Champions. Essentially, it’s the very same starter kit that was previously announced, and is scheduled to release on its own this September for $99. This model will run you $399. Judging by how Sony has handled past models of the PS3, I would assume that these two new SKU’s will phase out the current 120GB, and 250GB models.


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