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Two Worlds 2 Expansion Coming, Flying Fortresses

While Two Worlds 1 was mostly atrocious, Two Worlds 2 was fairly well received. It seemed to have its own little unique charm that people ate up. Apparently, that game sold around 2.5 million copies. Also apparently, Reality Pump (the developers) enjoy adding content to it as there will be a new expansion releasing this September entitled Pirates of the Flying Fortress.

“The story plunges the player headlong into an adventure that is more than astonishing! The good old "Two Worlds" atmosphere waits, which is yet quite different this time around. Exotic flair, new enemies, new settings and new weapons - all fans are in for a shocking surprise!” –Press Release

Among some other additions are “thunder and rain storms, dozens of new weapons, impact-oriented horse armor, totally new breeds, fresh boss opponents as well as brand spanking new animations in the cut-scene and in-game dialogs” You heard it here first, horse armor: confirmed for Two Worlds 2.

I never played Two Worlds 2 but it seemed interesting enough and I know quite a few people that deeply adored the experience they had with the game. Pirates of the Flying Fortress will be available on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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