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Two Worlds: The Musical

If you were a fan of the first Two Worlds game by SouthPeak Interactive, you probably already know that the sequel Two Worlds II has only been released in Europe.  The rest of us have to wait until next year to get our armoured gauntlets on it. 

The folks at SouthPeak are a wacky band, and they seem to understand how hard it is waiting for a game to hit shelves, so they produced this Two Worlds II music video which will let you commiserate with your fellow RPG fans while listening to an 80’s power ballad.

Yes, this a real thing actually made by the zany gang of marketing jokesters employed by SouthPeak. 

The Two Worlds series is a fantasy RPG with a single-player campaign, and limited online multiplayer.  It uses an open-world free-roaming form of storytelling and mission structure.  The first Two Worlds game received mediocre reviews, but the sequel has been getting good reviews of the European release.

The developer is currently polishing the game for worldwide release on January 1st 2011, so the version of Two World II that hits American shores might be even better than what came out across the pond.  Look for our full review early next year.


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