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Ubisoft Announce Brothers in Arms Furious 4

Ubisoft has announced they will be releasing a new game in the Brothers in Arms series by developer Gearbox which is set to take the series in a completely new direction.

Brothers in Arms Furious 4 is a gleefully overdone FPS set in World War II and follows four men who are trying to reach and assassinate Hitler. Players have special weapons and unusual individual combat abilities, all to fight a secret experimental Nazi army. The four main characters are a Texan called Crockett who carries a cattle brand, a man called Stitch who has an electric torture device, an Indian named Chok with a tomahawk, and man known as Montana who has a chainsaw. The game contains a campaign mode playable with four players in co-op, and an extensive multiplayer mode.

Adam Novickas, U.S. director of marketing at Ubisoft, explained that “with Brothers in Arms Furious 4, Gearbox brings the action to a whole new level filled with unexpected twists and over-the-top battles that are sure to please new players and fans alike.”

If you watch the trailer below, you will see the game has a very exaggerated and violent style, coupled with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. Some players may like this new direction, but the fact that it is such a big departure from the previous Brothers in Arms games may not please everyone.

Brothers in Arms Furious 4 will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in the first half of 2012.



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