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Ubisoft Drops Always-Online DRM For From Dust

Ubisoft's recent controversy over the intrusive DRM in the recently released From Dust on the PC has come to a conclusion with the announcement that they will be removing the much hated DRM system.

For those who missed it, Ubisoft initially suggested that the PC version of From Dust wouldn't require their infamous DRM which forces gamers to be connected online all the time. But when the game launched with the DRM, Ubisoft received a significant backlash over this and since then announced that the game will be getting a patch in two weeks time that removes the DRM and allows gamers to play the entire game without a constant connection to the internet.

While the removal of the requirement of a constant internet connection is nothing but a good thing for the game, It's hoped that Ubisoft will also be addressing some of the issues that the PC gaming community has with the PC version in another future patch. 

It's quite a shame that such a neat game like From Dust has been marred by these recent events and it's even more surprising since Ubisoft has been moving away from its poorly received "always-online" DRM for a while now, even going so far as to remove it from games that already have it.


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