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Ubisoft Has New DRM Policies

For those unfamiliar with Ubisoft's DRM model, here is a short explanation:  Every game produced by Ubisoft required the player to connect to an authentication server, be it single-player or multiplayer.  This was necessary every time any Ubisoft game was booted up, which also required a constant internet connection.  While this alone angered many, what drove the bandwagon away from Ubisoft were the constant problems with the authentication servers.

Until now Ubisoft's DRM policies seemed to only frustrate the gaming community.  This aggrivation lead to many boycotting Ubisoft games by pirating the games or those who bought it may even pirate the game just to avoid Ubi's DRM issues.  

However, in a Rock, Paper, Shotgun interview with Stephanie Perotti, the worldwide director of online games for Ubisoft, as well as Michael Burk, their corporate communications manager, an interesting bit of information came forth.  From now on, all Ubisoft games released will only require a one-time activation on first install, after which, all single-player games will be available offline.  The limit on the number of registrations per copy will also be lifted, allowing anyone who buys an Ubisoft game to no longer worry about how many installs they have remaining.

Hopefully, with this DRM philosophy change, Ubisoft's repuation with the PC community can begin to recover, and those who buy Ubisoft games will no longer be punished for supporting a company who publishes and developes games they enjoy.


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