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Ubisoft Presents New Splinter Cell Blacklist Video Series

During this time of year when any games besides first person shooters have taken a backseat, it is good to know that at least one classic series will be pushing itself to the front. Coming this Spring, another Tom Clancy: Splinter Cell game will be released, this time under the name Blacklist, which follows directly after the storyline of Conviction.

However, while the Spring release may be months away, Ubisoft is already drumming up attention for their well-received series. They've just announced a weekly video series over Youtube demoing stealth content to all fans eagerly awaiting the new series release. The first video release above showed a classic move within the stealth universe, but it in new environments, and added a twist. Keep reading EF for more information as we get closer to launch, as well as checking the Ubisoft channel on Youtube for more stealth videos in the weeks to come.


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