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Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference

Over the coming days (Today and tomorrow) I'm going be posting my quick notes on the E3 press conferences. Below is Ubisoft's.

- Ubisoft opens up with Child of Eden. And gives me a headache.

- JOEL MCHALE AGAIN YOOPS. Also, weird G4 mess-up is weird.

- Assassins Creed Brotherhood up. I saw naked Ezio.Sadly I didn't see "it". The game looks quite good. No real co-op shown. I'm not complaining as I'm not a big co-op guy myself.

- My Lord, Joel McHale is awkward.

- Merg. This fake interview is... Merg. Not good. Even more awkward than Joel McHale himself up there. Also, does anyone in the entire world care about Shaun White? To quote the great Jeff Cannata's twitter "Did you play Fracture and wish you could skateboard through it? As an androgenous redhead? Ubi has a game for you!!"

- Laser Tag. Well that doesn't look absolutely horrid. I'm so damn confused.

- Innergy looks.. No. Why? No, dammit!

- Kinect... some bad sports game? This looks extrodinarily terrible. I don't even want to look at this. UGH.

- More Your Shape... I totally haven't already seen this. She shrunk 2 inches between the MS conference and Ubisoft one. Well how weird.

- Rabbids Go Back In Time is announced. My confusion rages on.

- Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Not as confused. Now Joel McHale is touching the dev. Confusion is returning. Man, went into this demo with no hopes for it whatsoever, coming out completely changed. Cannot effing wait for that game. Looks great.

- Driver: San Franciso announced. Only interesting thing I seen was the Shift ability. Allowing you to change to any car at any time. And you're in a coma during the entire game.

- Project Dust. That happened?

- Rayman Origins. Looks very good. I am excite. Decent co-op looking game.

- ManiaPlanet sounds awesome. Long ways away, though.

- Michael Jackson game. I guess it's fitting that they end the show with something that CONFUSES THE HELL OUT OF ME. Ugh. What a terrible, terrible ending to a presser that was just starting to become good.

- Ubi's presser was one word. You guessed it confusing (as hell). No one gives a shit about 60 percent of the stuff they showed and... what? I quit. I'm glad E3 is over for today because good God I need to marinate what my eyes just witnessed.


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