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UFC Undisputed 2010 Preview

This article is strictly my opinion of an unfinished build of UFC Undisputed 2010, not the finished product. UFC Undisputed was a hit. It sold one million plus units and it was damn good on top of that. So it was pretty obvious that this breakout UFC game would become a yearly series.  The only real question was what was Yukes going to do to change it up and warrant a 60 dollar purchase?

UFC Undisputed 2010 doesn’t seem to have changed that much in its actual fighting. Take for example, the Madden series, I personally think that has changed a lot over the past years, gameplay wise, but UFC hasn’t whatsoever from what I noticed, which isn’t all a bad thing. The first UFC’s fighting was quite impressive, if not very complex at times. The complexity still remains in this one as the ground combat boggles my mind at times. Trying to get the perfect position on someone on the ground can lead to awkward stick movement and repetitive animations (from trying to get the stick movement correctly).

A small and kind of odd nitpick I have is that sometimes it looks like your character is barely grazing the opponent’s face, although it was a knockout punch on-screen. This makes me think of the Fight Night series a little. Hopefully Yukes can learn a few pointers from EA Canada in punching animations. Granted, that definitely doesn’t happen all the time. There are still punches that make you cringe because of how sickening they sound. But to be honest, that’s what we love.

I may complain a bit about the lack of things that have changed but that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun. Punching a man’s light’s out and watching his mouthpiece fly is just as happiness-evoking as ever. Speaking of which, I’ve seen no mouthpieces in this year’s installment. Did they retire the excellent mouthpiece physics engine?

The tournament mode that was also featured in the UFC demo was exactly what the name entails, a tournament mode. It’s a simple addition, yes, but with the many fighters UFC has, it could add even more excitement to playing the game with friends.

UFC Undisputed 2010 seems to be even more of the same which is definitely good and bad. On one hand, it’s more UFC. On the other, shelling out 60 bucks on this when you can get new, more inventive games such as Alan Wake, Red Dead, and 3D Dot Game Heroes, may not be worth it. It’s your choice.

UFC Undisputed 2010’s demo is out now on XBL and the game is scheduled for release on May 25th.


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