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Ultimate Amory Wars from Boom!

August 4th – Los Angeles, CA - BOOM! Studios & Evil Ink Comics are proud to announce the release of THE AMORY WARS: ULTIMATE EDITION, bringing you the entirety of the epic original saga, THE SECOND STAGE TURBINE BLADE in one stunning hardcover. Written and conceived by accomplished musician and writer, Claudio Sanchez, the series is based on the album of the same name by Sanchez's hugely successful band Coheed & Cambria. THE AMORY WARS: ULTIMATE EDITION is a must-have for fans and for the first time, a place for the uninitiated to experience the entire story in one book.

Collected in 350 pages of science-fiction, including:

Ultimate Amory WarsAll 10 issues of The Second Stage Turbine Blade,
(originally released through 12 Gauge Comics and Image Comics).
Both original rare-out-of-print "The Bag On Line Adventures" issues.
Bonus story, "33"
All 12 Tony Moore covers.
+ never-before-seen bonus material!

THE SECOND STAGE TURBINE BLADE takes place amidst a star-spanning collection of 78 planets known as Heaven's Fence, held in place and linked together by the mysterious and seemingly omnipotent blue energy known as The Keywork.

Hard-working Coheed and Cambria Kilgannon live on one of these planets, but their suburban existence is ripped apart when General Mayo Deftinwolf enters their lives and reveals the ultimate truth: Coheed and Cambria were not born, but built as weapons for a privately developed anti-terrorist unit. Even worse, they have been implanted with a virus which has been genetically passed onto their children, mutating into a deadly epidemic aimed to disrupt the bonds between planets and destroy Heaven's Fence. Coheed and Cambria are forced to decide what is more precious, their family or civilization itself.

THE AMORY WARS is the story behind Claudio Sanchez's lyrics from the album of the same name, which fans have tried to unlock the true course of events encrypted in the lyrics since the band first debuted.

THE AMORY WARS ULTIMATE EDITION hardcover hits shelves today, August 4, 2010 and is collected in a single 350 page hard bound edition with several pages of bonus material printed only in the ULTIMATE EDITION. THE AMORY WARS ULTIMATE EDITION hardcover has a price $29.99 and carries a Diamond code of MAR100784 , and an ISBN13: 9781608860357.


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