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Ultimate Comics Liveblogs

This Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from May 2nd to May 5th Marvel has hosted liveblogs starting at 3:00 PM EST that has revealed the futures of several Ultimate Comics.  The complete liveblogs from the last couple of days are available at Marvel’s website.   

You can view conversations from Monday featuring writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Esad Ribic on their new project coming in August titled Ultimate Comics: Ultimates, taking place after the Ultimate Fallout series starting in July. 

Spiderman in Ultimate Fallout 

From Tuesday view the liveblog with writer Nick Spencer and artist Paco Medina about their upcoming project Ultimate Comics: X-Men coming in September starring fan favorites Kitty Pride and features James Hudson, the original leader of Alpha Flight.

Thor in Ultimate X-Men 

Back on Wednesday the liveblog featured artist Rafa Sandova and Jonathan Hickman makes another guest appearance as the writer of this new upcoming four-issue mini-series Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye, a tie-in to Nick Spencer’s Ultimate Comics: X-Men discussed the day before.    

The final liveblog from Thursday with Marvel Associate Editor Ben Morse and Assisstant Editor Marc “Strommy” Strom. 

Enjoy looking back at the actual words of some artists and writers that will be giving us our Marvel fix in the upcoming months.

Hawkeye in Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye Mini-series

Will this be the ultimate experience?


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