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Ultimate FF Cancelled

It is really a sad sight to see the state of the Ultimate Universe as it stands presently. A fresh, if maybe a tad overused, arena for readers has been cut down to three titles. Well, until recently when it has been announced that it will shortly be cut down to only two. Joshua Hale Fialkov’s Ultimate FF series will be ending on its sixth issue, barely getting one full arc out before cancellation. Fulfilling the streak of bad luck UFF as a whole has had for years.   Fialkov, who wrote a fan appreciated run on the main Ultimates title, had been the subject of high hopes as one of the new redeeming factors of the line. The fact of the matter has been that many where put off by his recent foray into the Ultimate Universe due to bad art and perhaps just as bad coloring. A combined effect that stunted the series early in its tracks. Simply enough it was a great example that comics need both writing and art to be on some sort of form to work. Fialkov’s talent was wasted as it were.   Ultimate FF (2014-) 003-000   The series will conclude this August with Ultimate FF #6, which Fialkov himself has not written and whose writer has not been announced yet. Comments and thoughts on this somewhat unfortunate announcement would be appreciated below.


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