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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Story Trailer

"One of the most anticipated games of this year gets a trailer of the year contender"
Yesterday, Sony has released their latest story trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. After watching it few dozen times, I must say, this video is worth its weight in hype. Sony has been careful not to spoil too much, but a story trailer is bound to have some minor spoilers for those who want to go into the game fully blind. That said, here’s their trailer: https://youtu.be/hh5HV4iic1Y As a huge fan of storytelling in video games, the narrative direction this trailer presents has me bouncing up and down, giddy as a schoolgirl. It boasts an impressive cast of characters, each with their own levels of conflict with our hero Nathan. The massive scope this game presents – made apparent by the various different landscapes and locales – paired with said cast certainly promises a nice and immersive narrative. The theatrical presentation of the trailer itself definitely contributes to the storytelling feel as well. Not only does the story look interesting, but the graphics presented in this trailer are beautiful. The different landscape shots make this game look pristine, and the character models have a great blend of realism and “cartoonish-ness.” It’s the balance that makes the characters and the world feel alive without being so overly realistic that it looks overloaded or gristly. The parts of the trailer that look like gameplay look about the same as the cinematic parts, which is perfect for maintaining that immersion. Overall, the story trailer shows a lot of promise for Uncharted 4, making it a game well worth keeping an eye on. Finally, we get April 26th as a solid release date, meaning we won’t have to wait much longer to sink our teeth into this adventure.


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