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‘Uncharted’ Movie Starts Over With New Writers

He’s survived a gunfight (involving a rather irate helicopter) up a moving train, mutant Nazis and being thrown out of a imploding cargo plane, but Nathan Drake cannot hold onto a director for the film adaptation of his hit series, Uncharted.

Variety breaks the news that director Neil Burger (Limitless) has left the project and that Marianne and Cormac Wibberley have been tapped to give the script its latest overhaul. Burger is the second director to leave the project after the volatile tale of David O. Russell leaving (twice) over script and budgetary conflicts with Sony.

The news that the project has had difficulty holding onto a director is not what makes fanboys worry. What will make them cry foul is the fact that the Wibberleys are the same writers behind the National Treasure films. To add major insult to injury, they were also behind the script for Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

Speaking as a huge fan of the games, I have to say it: kill me now. Or at least this project. At this point, it would do the series more credit to have the game makers themselves—who put as high a premieum on characters and story within video games as they do gameplay—adapt the games, rather than bring in the people who wrote guinea pig action film G-Force (did we mention that? Sorry.)

The search for a new director will not get underway until the Wibberleys finish a new draft for what should be the adaptation of the series’ first entry, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. In the meantime, Mark Wahlberg is likely out of the running (thanks to Russell’s exit) and Nathan Fillion still dreams he will play Drake.


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