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Uncooked Trailer for R.A.W.

R.A.W. – Realms of Ancient War is a hack’n’slash RPG for PlayStation® Network, Xbox LIVE® and PC developed by Wizarbox, that takes you to a continent ravaged by a war that raged a decade earlier.

The kingdoms of Men, Elves and Dwarves lay in ruins, preyed on by raiders and looters. In this chaos, a new, unknown threat is looming... To discover its true nature, the kingdoms sent detachments to investigate, a dangerous mission from which no one returned.

Take control of a powerful Warrior, a dark Sorcerer or a Rogue whom is a master of stealth, and plunge into a main quest to explore the war-ravaged ruins and uncover the unknown threats that lay in wait. The world of R.A.W. leads you, alone or in 2-player co-op, through many levels of the continent.

Many of the gameplay details can be found in this new R.A.W. trailer.

R.A.W. - Realms of Ancient War will arrive on Xbox LIVE®, PlayStation® Network and PC in September 2012!


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