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Uproar Comics Launches Interactive Comic Book

On July 31st the Derry/Londonderry based media studio and comic book publisher Uproar Comics will be releasing the DEC (Digital Experience Comic), an app the publisher claims will bring comic books to life.

The D.E.CUproar Comics started up in 2011 thanks to Kevin Logue and Danny McLaughlin. The studio is best known for their award-winning comic book series Zombies HI. The company is now trying to use the latest technology in order to make real interactive comic books. The managing director and co-founder Kevin Logue claims "with the DEC we're creating a new type of interactive experience. We can't wait for other comic book fans to see and experience it."

The DEC combines 2D and 3D animation and audio. Readers can even unlock content using clues in the comic book to discover their location. The content could be the biographies of characters in the story, newspaper articles or hidden back stories.

The Northern Ireland publishers is not only enthusiastic about the DEC but also the future of the comic book scene in Northern Ireland. According to Logue "comic books are hugely popular in Northern Ireland. Just look at the success of 2D Festival here in Derry and Q-Con in Belfast."

To take readers interaction with their comic books even more, Uproar Comics will be releasing three teaser trailers, one for each potential future title they could release. To determine which of the three will be made into an interactive comic book the studio is having fans vote for their favorite.

Uproar seems to be following a trend in comics to take their medium to the next level digitally. Their Digital Experience reminds me of how DC Comics recently announced their plans with the DC2 and interactive DC2 multiverse digital comics

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Introducing: The D.E.C 


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