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US Misfits Remake Heading to Freeform

"Potentially awful, but if it works..."
The long developing US remake of Misfits is heading to Freeform. Created by Howard Overman, Misfits ran from 2009 to 2013 and centered on a group of “misfit” teens serving community service when a electrical storm gives them superpowers. The characters in the American adaptation will be 20-somethings who gain their powers from exposure to a mysterious chemical, but hopefully the new series features powers as unconventional as those in the original. (Psychic manipulation of milk, anyone?) [caption id="attachment_81899" align="aligncenter" width="598"]Misfits (Image via reviewsfromtheabyss.wordpress.com.)[/caption] Chuck writer-producer Josh Schwartz was initially developing the American remake with Overman, but as io9 notes, there’s no mention of the latter in this latest bit of news on the project. I was a big fan of the first two seasons of Misfits, but I became less and less invested in the show as more of the original cast members left. However, I’m interested in seeing how they adapt the series, a British take on the American superhero genre, back for American audiences…although saying that now I realize how awful it could be, especially if they take a "safer" approach. At the same time, a new start might allow the series to recapture what made the early seasons of Misfits so fun to watch.


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