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User Satisfaction? Apple v. Android Stats

Is it too late to teach a not so old dog new tricks? Mobile research firm, OnDevice Research, seems to be suggesting that the new kids on the block (insert cough and multiple android devices) are passing by the iPhone 5. Using the company's software to detect mobile devices, the research firm utilized the mobile web to ask users to rate their satisfaction of said device on a scale of 1 to 10. Conducted both domestically and abroad the numbers were close but absolutely interesting. Within the US, the Motorola Atrix HD, Droid Razr M, HTC Rezound 4G, and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 were ahead of Apple's slowing mobile rendition. And yes, all successors are powered by the mighty Android OS:

US User Satisfaction Ratings

In the UK, the iPhone faired better but was still behind another Android powered device in the HTC One X:

User Satisfaction Ratings

In full disclosure, the iPhone 5 has sold over 40+ million units and collectively, there are over 80+ million units sold amongst all the researched devices. Furthermore, the US sample size of 92,825 and 52,140 in the UK can be a tad misleading. But it does lend us a valid argument of consumer fatigue with the Apple devices and possibly the brand. With the continued unwillingness to adapt a more liberal and customizable OS style (i.e. Android), Apple's iOS is insulated from major malfunction but also organic growth. Short of stopping all jailbreak attempts to their devices, it is perplexing why Apple doesn't take advantage of their established community to facilitate the changes necessary to bring back its cool. If the sentiments of OnDevice's findings continue this direction, Apple will have no choice but to chase the new leader of the pack in Android.


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