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V – Pound of Flesh

The show hasn’t quite settled into its own skin yet (pun intended), but things are definitely looking up. On paper, the plot is ridiculous, but as District 9 proved, that doesn't necessarily have to mean the story is perceived as unrealistic or impossible. However, it does still come across a little silly at times, with scenarios like army production via sex with muscular but boyish young lizard men. But plot lines are falling into place and most, if not all, are compelling.

The star of the episode is unquestionably Ryan, played by Morris Chestnut, who is given a good proportion of screen time and his newly conceived lizard baby should prove to be an interesting source of tension. But the real focus this week revolves around the rise of the firth column, who we find out early on are vast in numbers, but unorganised and without leadership. The team work together to find a way to signal the other members of the resistance and Ryan is left to undertake a dangerous mission aboard the V mothership.

I'm still on the fence about the way Anna is portrayed. As much as I love Morena Baccarin's face (I have a school boy crush on her that makes it difficult for me to concentrate on the show) I can't quite get into the sociopathic hive queen persona. I would like her performance to be a bit darker and could certainly live without the sniffing of prospective mates and the relentless half smile.

To be fair, they have begun to deal with a few more adult themes like the culling of V's with questionable devotion to Anna and the final torture scene made even me cringe. I'm also pleased with the inclusion of the Mercenary character, Hobbes. It has dampened some of that family friendly vibe that most abc shows suffer from and it all feels a little more grown-up.

The weakest part of the episode once again involved. The way his sub-plot is developing is of little consolation to how deeply unlikeable he is. We are teased with the idea that there is something special about Tyler‘s origin, but I'm half expecting it to be that his anatomy is absent a spine or mind of his own.  I would also really like him to stop performing that sickly ‘High school Musical’ smile to Anna's daughter.

On a side note, it would appear Tyler’s chubby friend has officially been written out of the show. I suppose this does highlight that the writers are listening to feedback. He did after all fail in the fat best friend’s mission statement, which is to provide comic relief and always stay in the background.

Keep an eye on Chad Decker’s role, I expect a change to occur soon, as his conflicting feelings towards the V’s motives, goes head to head  with his expectations of grandeur. This episode specifically, showed no evolution to his largely shallow character, but there are hints that he is struggling with a crisis of conscience that is yet to be fully realised.


All in all, I'm pleased with the way the show has pulled its act together and the story lines introduced in the last few episodes are extremely promising. It still feels to me as if the show is struggling with its identity, but I’m optimistic that as things gain pace, some must watch TV will be produced. I do hope they spend less time on the ship however. The green screening looks incredibly unconvincing and although amusing, it makes it impossible to become immersed in the futuristic environment they are trying to create.

Oliver Hume


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