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Valiant Entertainment Returning to Comics

After a long decade hiatus from the comic book world, Valiant Entertainment will be returning to the realm of comics. The company announced they were bringing back several of their popular 90s' titles including Bloodshot and Harbinger. Valiant will also be taking on a new name: Diamond Book Distributor, its global comic book distributor.

Valiant was founded in 1989. Back in the 90s', the publisher ranked among Image, Marvel and DC Comics publishers in sales and sold over 80 million comic books during it's first five years in the business. The company produced numerous superhero titles that were unique because they attested to the effects of physics, consequence and continuity, including Bloodshot and Harbinger.

Then they were brought-out by Acclaim Entertainment in 1994 and were renamed "Acclaim Comics" in 1996. After the name-change, the comics the publisher produced reflected their newfound namesake. The company began producing titles for characters from Acclaim's video games, including Shadowman and Turok the Dinosaur Hunter. Valiant Entertainment later declared bankruptcy and it's parent company, Acclaim, also declared bankruptcy in 2004.

It took a long array of legal and court battling, but once the gavel was struck Valiant Entertainment had full rights to all of their creations once again, but not without losing the rights to their Gold Keys characters, which included Solar and Turok.

Valiant announced they would not be returning with just their re-claimed characters. It was announced that their Chairman will be the former Marvel CEO and former Vice Chairman Peter Cuneo. The company will be returning later this year and can be reached online at the following websites:


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