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Valiant Sets Stage For 2014

Valiant takes another ride on the wild side as it boldly moves into 2014! A company that is making itself known across the board for its patient, yet endearing, and successful management of its intellectual properties. Pulling itself up from the depths of obscurity to find a real fanbase once more in the here and now. So, what does it have for new readers and for stalwartly loyal old ones in the coming months? New Number Ones! Seriously, not to worry, Valiant will be launching new number ones for a series of crossover comics/event amidst some new blood in between several of their already ongoing titles. So, they still have a few tricks up their sleeves before getting into the same ruts that Big Two like to pull out. The event, which will spawn several tie-in issues and minis, will be called Armor Hunters by Robert Venditti and concern the "X-O Manowar" armor. It will branch off into Armor Hunters: Bloodshot and Armor Hunters: Harbinger. There will also be Rai and Doctor Mirage, written by Matt Kindt and Jen van Meter, who will buff out the new year as welcomed Valiant heroes. The last announcement is of a crossover comic between fan-favorite series Archer & Armstrong and Quantum & Woody in The Delinquents. It will be co-written by Fred van Lente and James Asmus with art by Kano.   val5 (1)   These series will begin launch in May, with a different series being released each month until September. Valiant has another year planned out it seems. Thoughts and comments would be appreciated below.


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