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Valkyria Chronicles Coming to PC

A tweet from Sega reads "Gallia, to arms! Return to the original battle on PC. More info coming soon... We'll bring you that info as soon as we have it!" Which undoubtedly leads us to believe that Valkyria Chronicles is heading onto the PC some time soon.
The game was released in 2008 and published by Sega, exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and received wide spread positive reviews, and also prompted a petition calling on Sega to release various console-exclusive games for the PC.
Today it came to light that Pan-European Game Information, aka the European game-rating agency PEGI, has classified a version of this game for the PC and it is a new classification being separate from the existing entries for the PS3 original and Valkyria Chronicles II for the PSP, and gives the game a "16" rating for "realistic looking violence."
There's been no official announcement at this point other than the tweet and there is no rating for the PC version of Valkyria Chronicles on th ESRB website and the PEGI entry lists the release date as October 16, which was almost two weeks ago. As said previously, there's no 100% confirmation until a press release is announced but the tweet above surely solidifies the news that Valkyrie Chronicles will be on PC soon. As soon as we get any information on it we will keep you right up to date at Entertainment Fuse.


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