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Valve Announces Free Portal 2 DLC

Less than two weeks have passed since the release of the smash hit sequel Portal 2, and developer Valve Software has already announced and revealed the game's first DLC pack. It has also been confirmed that the new content, which should arrive this summer, will be absolutely free of charge! That's right, Valve is complementing their new release with some early expansion that wont cost a dime. Little information has been released but it is rumored that the DLC (which remains to see an official title) will include a variety of new single player and cooperative test chambers along with challenge modes, leaderboards, new mutilplayer modes and more! Perhaps new bot skins and accessories will be added or a new iteration of the game's web comic.


Valve has always stood by and built upon their games in the past and free DLC is a gesture that is rarely seen nowadays. The company reports that they are pleased with the sales figures tied to Portal 2 and the reception that the game has been given. It is hard to ignore the immediate success that the project is enjoying and equally difficult to find a reason to not try the game for yourself—especially if you've played the original. The new DLC will hopefully counter the game's relatively low replay value, especially for those who have played through the co-op portion of the game. It's obvious that Valve has more in store for the game and that the #1 will attribute to more DLC or add-on packs for Portal 2. As of now, they are not commenting on any specifics.


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