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Valve Confirms new Counter-Strike in Development

The PC rumor mill was buzzing today with talk of a possible new Counter-Strike title from Valve.  Why does this matter? Counter-Strike really put competitive multiplayer shooters on the map back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s as it turned into a global phenomenon.   Although it was just a Half-Life mod like Team Fortress it became insanely popular.  Version 1.6 is still played today.

The eSports site ESEA posted the rumored details early this morning after being invited to Valve's studios to see the game in development.  ESEA claims the game will be running an updated version of Valve’s source engine and that it will focus on 5 v 5 gameplay.  The site also claimed the game would feature new maps, new weapons, and leaderboards.  I think that's a pretty safe bet.  I would be surprised if popular game maps like Dust, Aztec and Italy do not make an appearance.


Valve later confirmed the rumor issuing a press release that announced the game would be titled Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).The game is reportedly coming to Steam, PS3 and XBOX360 in the first quarter of 2012.  Many of the claims regarding gameplay have not been confirmed at this time so the majority of those details remain speculative.  Valve is sharing development of CS:GO with Hidden Path Entertainment who worked on updates for Counter-Strike: Source.  A playable version of the game will be available at PAX Prime.  Check back here at Player Affinity after PAX for my hands-on preview.


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