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Veep Season 3 Preview

“It’s a parade of idiots, led by the biggest idiot of all.” –Julia Louis-Dreyfus Has there ever been a more apt description for the show Veep? The third season of HBO’s political comedy is premiering on April 6. Huzzah! Are you as excited as we are? You should be, because Veep is easily one of the best comedies currently airing with an insanely talented ensemble cast and equally talented writers who know how to bring on the funny. Watching Selina Meyer’s (mostly) bumbling staff navigate the often-ridiculous world of D.C. bureaucracy is an absolute delight and never fails to entertain. In a new video, HBO gives us an “invitation to the set” for a sneak peek behind the scenes and preview of the new season. With the president’s plans to forego reelection, Selina is in “campaign mode” which will take her all over the country in an effort to gather votes. Creator and executive producer, Armando Iannucci explains, “The first two seasons were all about the goings on inside D.C. It’s quite good to see how politics works in the rest of America.” Not only will the characters venture into a variety of states, but they will also travel internationally and visit London, England. Perhaps they will even bump into characters from Iannucci’s previous political show The Thick of It. With all these new scenarios the series and its writers are pushing themselves and unafraid to tackle unknown territories while at the same time holding on to the original spirit of the show. We are definitely looking forward to what season three has to offer.


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