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Veep Season 3 Trailer


Selina Mayer for president! The third season of HBO’s Veep premieres on April 6 and “operation Lady POTUS is go” as the brand new trailer previews the many struggles facing Selina in her quest to become the “most powerful person on earth”. Primarily her delightfully colorful and often incompetent staff, with the exception of Sue, because she is perfection. Regardless of her staff issues, it is clear that Selina is experiencing serious presidential aspirations which will certainly lead to much hilarity.

Of course, the show is called Veep so there is no way that Selina will be successful in her campaign (unless that is endgame for the entire series) but it will surely be fun to watch all the shenanigans the vice presidential staff will have to go through in their effort. Plus the series has always poked fun at the seemingly futile/undervalued position of the Vice President, following Selina chase after this coveted position and eventually faltering is totally in tune with the show’s tone and overall sensibility. Bring on the presidential campaign fails! We cannot wait for the new season. Watch the trailer: Are you looking forward Veep’s third season?


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