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Velocity #2 – Review

The amount of greatness this comic book's story contains mirrors that of a coin flip – the first half seems to drudge on until you get half-way through to the material that is even better than the first issue. The members of Cyberforce are infected with a virus and now it's a battle against the clock for Velocity to save them all. Literally. Every page of this issue has a timer in the top left-hand corner counting down the seconds. It's an interesting concept but does not deliver suspense. The issue does a nice little recap on the first page by not using the standard paragraph that makes you feel like you're reading the back of a novel. It provides pictures from the first issue and states vaguely what happened before. They should have left it at that. Instead they spend the next 12 pages re-hashing the entire first issue by way of narration from Velocity. If you've read the first issue, it seems very tedious. If this is your first time reading it, you may think you can just skip the first issue because you know all there is. But you would be missing out on some great moments, like the history of the villain Erasmus Paine. Little gems like that make the first issue worth the $3.99. And the second issue is worth it too... if you're willing to buy a 15 page issue since the first dozen are pointless. Velocity #2 Cover B Up until Velocity goes to the Hunter-Killer headquarters I had given up hope for this issue. Then she finished her narration allowing the story to continue and it was great. The dialogue between Velocity and 'Face was funny and the suspense and urgency of the hour time table made itself known. You really feel a sense of nobility from Velocity when she says everyone else has to come first.The artwork was the only thing that remained constantly good in this issue. The first image of Velocity's head on a table is so detailed, along with the color scheme. One page had a beautifully drawn knock-off of Alice in Wonderland, which seems out of place but is yet another reflection throughout the issue about the time Velocity has left to find her friends. If you have never read anything involving Cyberforce, don't pick up this issue to get started. It makes many obscure references to the Top Cow Universe that will confuse even small-time fans. Try out the four part mini-series of Cyberforce first and come back to this later. Cyberforce fans will appreciate this issue. You might not see many appearances of the other members on the team, but Velocity can make it worth your while... if you're willing to read far enough. Until then you can still admire the wonderful art throughout the comic. Overall Score - 7.8/10    


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