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Velocity #3 – Review

After waiting for a century in comic book time, Ron Marz has finally written the next chapter of Velocity – and boy was I expecting more from him. Super-speeder Carin Taylor (A.K.A. Velocity) is back with her usual quips, fighting against the clock to save her fellow Cyberforce teammates from a deadly virus her clones infected them with.  Velocity # 3Ron Marz story is surprisingly the weakest link this issue.  Unlike what I said in my previous review of Velocity #2, this issue of Velocity successfully recaps the previous moments in a flash and does not bother repeating itself, thankfully.  But a lot of elements that kept the previous issue great were noticeably absent.  And by elements I mean characters. It was fun to see Velocity joke with her robotic enemies.  But everyone else (other than her silent mecha-enemies or the Italian-speaking pedestrians) was unconscious.   In the previous issue, we were treated to some funny dialogue between Velocity and ‘Face but now Velocity is only talking to herself.  And her humor is a little… off in some places.  Sometimes she was corny and other times she sounded immature (in a bad way), like when she says “poop.”  It just sounded so awkward that I thought Marz had gone a little wonky with his wording.  And every other sentence she used in the first couple pages of narration – seemingly unnecessary dashes that were supposed to make her seem funny – got boring after a few panels.  Not to say that Velocity by herself – seriously, why so many dashes? – was enough to keep this issue strong.  And while she may have been almost enough by herself to keep up comic relief and interest, this issue of Velocity had pacing issues.  I know it is only a four-issue mini-series, but it should be longer.  The story goes by so fast in this comic it could probably beat Velocity in a race if given the chance.  After such a long wait I did not want this issue to go by so fast.  One thing that never fails to disappoint is Kenneth Rocafort’s art.  It is definitely spot on in this issue, unlike the writing.   His art – again – was perfectly complimented by Sunny Gho’s colors – bright and robotic looking, perfectly fitting with the cybernetic feel of the comic.  The best page was at the end, a horrifying… well, you should just see it for yourself!  I don’t want to give the ending away.  Which is worth seven points all on it’s own!  It was the perfect cliffhanger – I just hope Marz doesn’t keep us waiting in suspense for as long as it took this issue to come out, and have the issue come out a little disappointing.  This is still a great issue, but after waiting so long and it going by so fast… it did not feel like it was worth the wait.  Of course, if you have not been as eager to see what our little speedster has been up to as I have, maybe you’ll have lower standards and be more satisfied than I was.  Either way, I’m more psyched than before to read the next issue – just don’t keep me waiting Ron!       Overall Score - 8.2/10 Check out our preview for the issue here    


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