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Velocity #4 – Advanced Review

After three issues with the speedster, Velocity reaches her final destination in this fast-paced final issue.  The issue has a few bumps but is well worth a read. With only fifteen minutes left, Velocity must defeat Doctor Paine and give herself the only antidote that will save her life. Ron Marz has created an entertaining character with more quips than the Flash – and she might be faster too!  Velocity is a great character and her narrative has run rampant throughout every issue of the series.  Sometimes there is too much of her narrative going on, but it mostly brings Velocity’s witty banter to the reader that is genuinely funny and makes you love Velocity more and more – when you don’t want her to shut up for a minute and just save the day already. Top Cow Velocity #4 CoverDoctor Paine is the only other major character in Velocity #4.  He is a great villain for Velocity, her perfect opposite personality-wise.  She is witty, kind-hearted and makes you laugh, while Doctor Paine is a disturbing shell of a man. He never seems like much of a threat though.  Velocity’s carefree nature throughout the series makes it hard for the series to seem very suspenseful despite Marz’s inclusion of a counter to show just how much time Velocity has left.  When paying attention to it, the counter can bring a slight feeling of suspense but the constant quips keep the atmosphere from being very suspenseful.            The story still feels rushed, glimpsing over Velocity saving her sister, an emotional event that seems neglected.  The ending of the last issue is not even explained until mid-way through this issue with some exposition that makes me feel like I’m reading a recap – no humor just a quick catch-up that leaves me wishing the explanation had been revealed in a more comedic way that better suits Velocity.  The mini-series felt rushed throughout and could have used more time to fully develop with an extra issue or two.  If this short series was Ron Marz's homage to Velocity’s fast-paced nature he should have left his witty symbolism and exchanged it for more time to spend on telling the story.  The squashed story still had an appropriate ending that tied into the first issue and was extremely funny and left the series off on a high note that makes me hope to see Velocity again soon.  The art is mostly great but has some mediocre moments that make this issue have the weakest artwork out of every issue in the mini-series.  Velocity’s face looks oddly cartoony, giving Velocity a slightly chibi look.  It was cute but strikingly different from the rest of the series and this difference is not only highly noticeable but unwanted after the great works of art given to us by Kenneth Rocafort in the past issues.  When her face does return to normal the art goes back to being great.  The drab background colors make an interesting contrast against Velocity’s bright costume and a full-paged panel shows just how big the robot Velocity is fighting really is and the artwork comes off well.  Neither of those elements were the best this issue.  But an image of Doctor Paine was and it still sends shivers down my spine! Velocity has had a good run (no pun intended) and I hope she comes back soon - I just hope she doesn't bring a repeat performance and instead amps her game up a bit.  Issues #1, #2 and #3 had their fair share of problems but were not problematic enough to make you not crack a smile and enjoy the story.  This issue does the same and is a nice conclusion.  The series could have been better with more time put into the story and a more suspenseful atmosphere.  But Velocity is a likeable character that I enjoyed following on this adventure and the artwork was great.  I would not start off reading this issue of Velocity without having read the first three, so waiting for a trade with the entire mini-series may be worth it more to Velocity fans and others looking for a good laugh if not a rock-solid story. Overall – 7.5          For more of Velocity’s quips, check out the speedster in Artifacts #5 and #6!


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