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VFX Maestro Tim Miller to Direct “Deadpool”

Well Deadpool fans, the good news is The Merc With the Mouth is still getting a movie! The rough news is it won't be helmed by Robert Rodriguez, a director seemingly born to do a film on a wisecracking mercenary with over-the-top abilities. Deadline is reporting that X-Men Origins: Deadpool has found a director in Tim Miller. Who? That was our reaction as well.

Miller is a player in the visual effects field. He created and currently operates Blur Studio, a post-production house heavily involved in video game trailers, most recently doing work for "The Force Unleashed" series. Miller is also scheduled to help oversee VFX work for Ron Howard's adaptation of "The Dark Tower" series, at least during the pre-production period.

"Deadpool" is just one of several X-,Men themed projects 20th Century Fox has under it's belt, seemingly to try and keep Marvel from regaining its rights to X-Men characters. Along with "Deadpool," X-Men: First Class is scheduled for release next month while The Wolverine searchs for a new director after losing Darren Aronofsky in an attempt to start production later this summer. Reynolds will soon star in Green Lantern for Marvel comic rival DC/Wanrer Bros. No word yet on when "Deadpool" will begin shooting, but with a director now in tow, we wouldn't be surprised to see more news on the project come forward.


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