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Video Game Game Characters That Deserve to Die

From Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City to Mass Effect 3, video game developers are letting players choose to kill off some of the most important characters in their franchises.  We here at Player Affinity don’t wish harm on anyone, especially our beloved video game characters. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can’t help but wish the worse, even death, on certain video game characters.  Here are a few that hope we get the chance to kill in their next appearance.

Big the Cat (Sonic series):  You could probably throw in any Sonic sidekick character on this list, but Big the Cat stands above (or below?) the rest. Look, cats are awesome, but Big the Cat is not. Imagine how fun it is to play as Sonic, flying through levels at blistering speeds and rarely stopping. Now, imagine the complete opposite, throw in a frog and a fishing game, and you’ve essentially got Big the Cat. It doesn’t help any that he has quite possibly the worst voice acting of all time. Many players have tried to drown Big in the ponds he fishes in, but all have failed.

Navi (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)“Hey! Hey! Listen!” No matter how many times Link swings his sword at Navi, she always skillfully dodges him, making players wish she will die even more. Navi defies death constantly; how does she survive when she flies right into Ganon’s face without getting swatted? Poor Link just wants to explore Hyrule Field, but Navi keeps telling him (“Hey! Hey!”) that he needs to visit the castle every other minute.

AI teammates (Left 4 Dead series):  Nothing like getting shot in your back by your own teammates. When health packs are so scarce, you can’t afford to lose half your health due to your own guys. Try to shoot them, and they will cuss you out. Little do they know that we say the exact same things to our screens.

The Arbiter (Halo 2 and 3):  In 2004, we were stoked behind belief to return in the boots of Master Chief. And we did do so … for maybe less than half of Halo 2. The novelty of playing as the Arbiter quickly wore off once we realized just how boring his levels were. While the Covenant wanted him dead for his failure in the previous game, the Arbiter’s bigger crime is the fact that you play as him in the last level of Halo 2, not Master Chief. The Covenant wanted him dead, why should we think any different of him? 

Tidus (Final Fantasy X):  Oh, wait. Never mind. We got our wishes with this one.

What characters do you think should be the next to die? Sound off in the comments below.


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