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Video Game Inventions That Should Be Made (11/30/10)

Video games over the years have showed us many things. Brilliant worlds that don't exist, scenarios that never happened, and heroes we wish were real. However we are not here to honor those today (maybe another time). Today we are here to honor a great invention made by a video game character. This will be a new feature that will honor great instruments for the good of science...in video games.

Now Assassin's Creed is an amazing game series, but it also centers around one of the most interesting inventions ever thought up. A device that could not only allow us to learn more about our ancestors, but would give us a new understanding of history. That invention is the Animus.
To those who never aswered the call of the Assassin's Creed the Animus is a device the decodes your DNA. As the game states our DNA holds not only the genes of our ancestors, but it also holds their memories. The machine attempts to decode them, and cause the person using the machine to relive these select memories. What makes it better is that use of the machine gives the users shared experiences, and can train the user the abilities of their ancestor. This "bleeding effect" is used on the main character to train him in the ways of the Assassin order, and a for a few other things.

So what would you do if you had such a machine? Would you see dig deep to find any interesting moments to relive from your family history? Maybe relive an ansetors army days, and get your self some military experience? Just remember if at all possible wake up with the words...


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