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Video of Max Payne 3 Hits The Internet Like A Set Of Brass Knuckles On A Stoolie’s Jaw

Max Payne was always a series about a hard-boiled detective who takes the law into his own hands, but the new trailer for Max Payne 3 shows that the latest game in the series is taking the franchise in a completely new direction.


The backdrop of sleazy American urban decay in New York City has been replaced with the South American setting of Sao Palo Brazil.  Max has even given up any pretense of being a lawman and is now a shaven-headed private bodyguard trying to rescue a kidnapped girl from Brazillian ne’er do wells.  The inner monolog is still there, but the poetic crime-novel slang has been removed and replaced by a more literal and direct narrative.


The footage shows a bit of the story, and lots of action.  It seems that Max will still use the “Bullet Time” feature that his first adventure introduced to gamers back in 2001, and some of the sequences show what appears to be a cover system too.


No specific release date has been set, but the trailer confirms March 2012, which comes just a pinch too late for a 10th anniversary extravaganza.  Have a look at the new video below and check back with us in the months ahead for more on Max Payne 3.


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