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Video Unlimited Preview Announced for PS3

Those looking for a Hulu clone on their Playstation 3 systems finally have reason to rejoice. Today on the Playstation Blog, a new application called Video Unlimited Preview was announced that promises to allow access to more than 40,000 movies and TV episodes from the past and present. One thing that they did not mention in the article is the price. PS+ members will be able to get a free preview period starting today (the 27th), but it is unknown if they will price it based on the show or film you are specifically watching, an overarching price for the application, or both.

looks like it could be promising

From the preview picture that Sony gave in the original article (found here), it look like it will be similar to OnDemand, where some of the really old programs or movies that were not critically accepted will be free or very cheap, while “New Releases” will run a couple dollars. The information about this new program is minimal, but it does look like it is put together quite well. Having the menu to the left with the films on the right has worked for other programs, and seeing as the Playstation didn’t yet have a retort to the Xbox’s support of Hulu, it seems like Video Unlimited Preview could become quite popular.


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