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Villains Due For A Return

In comics, villains seem to nearly always return to terrorize people in whatever way that they see fit. Some of these law breaking criminals disappear into the shadow and never return. Some because they were not popular others because... well their purpose had finished. Others still were once in the spotlight only to then be gone. This is a list of villains I believe should return to their respective comics to once again wreak havoc upon their heroes.

His name is Two-Legged Rat. A mask wearing sniper whom harassed Speedball. He also really, really hated cats. So much so he used to shoot the poor little defenseless balls of fur and he does it just for the attention. He was even a part of a Speedball Revenge Squad. Once again defeated and thrown into prison. I think he should come back as he is a funny character in a slightly disturbing way, and could really be developed as a mentally unstable character in the Marvel Universe.
Two-Legged Rat
Ok this is another guy from Marvel who was also very short lived. His name is Conquer-Lord and he was a very early villain against Moon Knight. Alright, so he has a bit of a funny name, but who cares? He wished to rule the city and tried to assassinate the mayor, only to have his plans foiled. He then kidnaps Moon Knight's girlfriend and during their confrontation they go into a room with giant chess pieces that have automated weapons as well as a booby-trapped floor. He is also a skilled marksman and swore to defeat Moon Knight, what's not to love about this guy? He has it all going for him. I believe this guy should come back as Moon Knight does not have much of a rogue gallery of his own so he needs a few more villains in his life.
Conquer Lord
This guy is from the Image Universe. His name is Octoboss. Whereas Invincible seems to have a large rogue gallery he normally spends very little time dealing with any of them save the other Viltrumites (a whole race). The Sequids (a whole race again not really focusing on him) and well ok Angstrom Levy. I mean, I know Invincible mainly deals with galaxy sized issues but I believe he needs to focus a little more on "inner-space" issues as well, and that is where Octoboss comes in. He's a crazy octopus man-thing that is hellbent on stealing radioactive material, why is this? What is he planning? I mean he even has an army of squidmen, bring it on!
This guy is an old DC character that yes has made a recent appearance, but I feel really needs to return into the spotlight. His name is Gaggy. He was Joker's first sidekick, turning to the life of crime as he was overshadowed by Dick Grayson's family. He blames Harlequin for changing Joker from the fun loving Clown Prince of Crime to a psychopath. I just think there needs to be another clown character with a history with Joker that goes back before he went super crazy. I believe it could add some great insight into Joker as well as being another crazy for Batman or Robin (mainly) to deal with.
GaggyOk another Marvel guy, Armless Tiger Man. He is a guy with no arms because they got stuck in a machine and he learned to hate machines, poor guy! He has sharpened teeth and can use his legs and toes as if they were arms and fingers, awesome right? Anyways I picked this guy as I just thought it would be funny seeing this guy as an actual threat to people. 
Well that's the end of the list, but feel free to leave your list of villains below.


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