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The Villians are Coming to Season 2 of Gotham

A new trailer for Gotham was recently released and it offers some serious clues as for what’s in store for season 2. The first season of Gotham had a fair number of villains, but it looks like season 2 is adding even more classic bad guys to the series. The new trailer teases appearances from The Joker, Riddler and The Penguin. According to Hollywood Life, the show will be focusing on the presence of evil in the city. Showrunner Bruno Heller also revealed at Comic Con that other villains appearing this season will include Tigress, Clayface and Mad Hatter. The franchise is known for its long list of interesting and entertaining villains and it will be exciting to see them in this recreation. gotham-arkham-04 Fans are also eager to see Michael Chiklis arrive in Gotham. Chiklis will play Captain Nathaniel Barnes, an officer of the law that arrives on the Gotham City Police Department. He will be a series regular, introduced in the fourth episode of this upcoming season, according to Entertainment Weekly. Chiklis is known for his authoritative character portrayals, so it will be interesting to see what he does with this role. Check out all the new characters this fall when Gotham returns to FOX September 21 at 8/7c.


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