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Vita US Launch Dated and Detailed

In early 2012, sometime before March, Sony will be launching the PlayStation Vita in America following the Japanese launch this year on December 17th.

Sony has now detailed how customers will be able to acquire games for the system, stating it will come with several means of purchase on day one.  In an interview with GDC Online, Chris Norden, senior staff developer support engineer at Sony, stated that all games will have both retail and digital copies available at the same time, similarly to how PC games are now released at stores and through services like Steam.  Price differences, if any, have not yet been discussed.  3G will be available for use when downloading on the PSN Vita service, as is typical with modern phones, though the 20 megabyte cap will prevent many games from being acquired this way. The second option is standard Wi-Fi which no doubt most games will use if bought digitally due to their size.

While no further specifics were talked about, Chris Norden did mention Sony will be offering such titles as free-to-play games on the digital service.  Many people speculate their ultimate goal in regards to PSN is to create a service similar to Steam that is unanimous across all their future gaming devices, and this is certainly further evidence of this.

source: gameinformer


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