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Voice Actors Announced for “The Dark Knight Returns” Animated Movie

Earlier this year it was announced that “The Dark Knight Returns” was going to get a direct to DVD animated movie from Dc comics. Some direct to DVD animated movies that have been released in the past are “All Star Superman”, “Batman Year One”, and “Batman: Under the Hood”.

There is going to be two parts for “The Dark Knight Rises” because Frank Miller’s story cannot only be told in one part. The first part is set to be release during the fall and the second part should be released in early 2013.

The voice of Batman is going to be voiced by Peter Weller who is most known for being in the original Robocop. Ariel Winter from Modern Family is going to voice Carrie Kelly (Robin). Wade Williams from Prison Break is going to voice Harvey Dent/Two-Face in the movie. Michael McKean who has been in Clue and This is Spinal Tap is going to voice Dr. Wolper. David Shelby will also have a voice in the movie, but it was announced who he was going to voice in the movie.

Do you guys like the voice actors they picked for the movie? Are you going to buy the DVD? Do you think it was smart for them to divide the movie into two parts? Tell us in the comments below.


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