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Voice Actors Discuss Catherine or Katherine

Witness as Travis Willingham and Troy Baker, the voice talent behind the English translation of the upcoming Xbox title Catherine, discuss the backstage hijynx involved with dubbing a sexy Japanese game.  

The video, shot at E3, features the actors discussing the production, as well as chiming in on the game's main plot point: Which of the two female leads would they choose, blonde vixen Catherine with a "C", or bespectacled hot librarian-esque Katherine with a "K".  A tough choice that gamers will have to face when it comes out next month, but an even tougher choice when you're married to the actresses who does the voice for one of characters.

Catherine comes out July 26th on North American shores for Xbox and PS3.  Check back with Player Affinity in the weeks ahead as we cover new developments for the highly-anticipated English release of this oddball game from Japan.

Need a little in-game footage?  Here's another recent trailer:


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